Training the Appaloosa for Transporting

Anyone that has had to transport an Appaloosa horse needs to know how important it is that the horse is trained properly for this. There is no way that any responsible horse owner or trainer would try to load a horse onto a trailer without some type of training first.

Being Patient

Training a horse to accept being loaded and unloaded on a trailer takes patience. Some horses are more high-strung than others, and some will spook easier. This takes work to get the horse to overcome these issues.

Familiarising the Horse

Horses can be sceptical about new objects around them. To first familiarise the horse with the trailer it can be done just by walking the horse around the trailer. Getting a little closer to it on each pass. This should be done a few days before they are going to be trailered. This step can be started with the tailgate up, then as the horse becomes comfortable putting it down. Slowly as the horse becomes comfortable, they can be walked up to the ramp of the tailgate.

Using Feed for Encouragement

Most horses cannot resist food especially if it is some form of a treat. A special treat can be chosen and given once a day to the horse. This way the horse gets to recognise this treat. Then this same treat can be put in a bucket that is located inside the trailer. When the horse sees this, it may be all that is necessary to get the horse to enter the trailer.

Take Your Time

During the learning stages when the horse accomplished getting onto the trailer don’t be in a hurry to slam the door shut. Give them time to adjust to their surroundings. This may be a process you want to practice for a few days before shutting the door.

All of this takes time, but it is worth it for both the horse and the owner or trainer.