Safety Tips for Transporting an Appaloosa

Transporting an Appaloosa is no different from when transporting other horses. Some safety measures need to be put in place. For the most part, transporting horses is a safe process, but these are live animals and can be unpredictable.

Regulations for Transporting Horses

No matter what your region is, there will most likely be regulations, which is a good thing, because transporting horses has to be done safely. Some Appaloosas can be very highly strung and do not travel easily.

Training the Horse for Transporting

One of the first things you will have to do is train the Appaloosa for transporting. This means starting with the loading and unloading process. This takes some time, and the person responsible for this has to develop the right techniques for training the horse. The horse should never be forced on or off the trailer but should want to do this willingly.

The Horse Trailer

Having the right type of horse trailer falls into the safety category for transporting horses. Horseboxes are the most common type of equipment for moving horses from one place to another. To be sure that the trailer is safe, there are some components which it must possess. It must be able to house the horse comfortably, without allowing them too much movement. There will be options for backloading or side loading, and you will have to determine which model you prefer. It is also essential for safety reasons to know that the vehicle you are using to haul the trailer can cope.

Proper Preparation of the Horse

Another safety step which needs to be taken is to make sure the horse is prepared for the transporting. Using travel boots or bandages for your Appaloosa may be necessary. This prevents them from injury if they tend to kick the sides of the trailer.