Equipment Needed for Transporting the Appaloosa

When transporting any Appaloosa horse, there will be a certain amount of equipment that will be needed. Having all of this on hand right from the start will make the transportation process much easier. How much equipment is needed will depend on the distance that will be travelled.

The Horsebox

Unless the horse is being ridden to their destination, a horsebox will be needed. There are different types, and styles and which one is chosen will depend on the needs of the horse owner. It is a good idea to do some thorough research into this important item before making a final purchase.

Horse Essentials

The horse is going to need a number of items when they are being transported. Again the purpose of why they are going to be relocated will also determine what is needed. Some of what is considered as “must have” items are:

  • Food and water: Most trailers allow for the horse to be able to access some hay during travel. This keeps them busy during the transporting.
  • Bandages or leg protectors: Usually these are put on the horse before loading them. They are used for protection in case the horse becomes restless and starts kicking during the ride. Also, to protect their legs when loading and unloading.
  • Halters and leads: These are a must so the horse can be controlled at all times.

Many times transporting a horse may be for the purposes of taking them to one farm from another. Or they may be transported to riding areas. Other times they may be going longer distances usually when they are going to be participating in some type of event. This means additional equipment will be needed and a checklist should be made to use for this purpose, so nothing is forgotten. Proper planning really helps to make the transporting task much easier.