Impressive Appaloosa Horses

There are many different breeds of horses. Among each of them, there are always a select few who gain some significant notoriety. This also applies to the Appaloosa breed.

Prince Plaudit

Some horses gain their fame from their racing feats or their offspring. For Prince Plaudit he is considered one of the most famous Appaloosa horses.

He was born in 1963 with his sire being Red Plaudit and his dam Princess Rita. Some of the achievements which added to the fame of this horse include the following:

  • Received winnings in halter and performance events
  • Awarded Sire Champion twice
  • He sired some impressive foals which went on to win a variety of medallions with one being gold, three that were silver and 19 for the bronze.
  • Prince Plaudit went on to sire additional medallion winners.
  • Most will say that his highest accolade was the winning of the bronze production plaque in 1976.

King Plaudit

This Appaloosa was born in 1964 and was the offspring of Red Plaudit and Cheyenne Maid. He was the half brother of Prince Plaudit.

The King was able to make his own claim to fame. His early beginnings of being in the spotlight resulted in 33 halter titles in just one year. He went on to sire another imposing horse named Plaudit Doll, who went on to become a national champion.

These are just a few of the impressive Appaloosa horses which are so well known in this industry. As can be seen, the Plaudit bloodline is an awe-inspiring one. It is a real point of interest for Appaloosa owners to trace back the bloodlines of their horse, to see who among the bloodline has become famous.

Most often when an individual is looking to buy an Appaloosa horse, they will pay attention to those in the bloodline, and the offspring which have gained recognition.