The Coats and Size of the Appaloosa

The Appaloosa has some unusual characteristics about it when it comes to their size and markings. It is the unique markings of the Appaloosa which makes them stand out among the other breeds.

The Coat

The most prominent feature about the Appaloosa is the spotted coat. This characteristic has made many people curious as to the origin of this amazing breed of horse.

Being as each Appaloosa is unique, so are the patterns which are formed in their coats. There are many different patterns, as well as a variety of colours.

Although each pattern is different, there are often similarities among them. Many of them have a marble look to them. Some take on the shape of a snowflake. Others seem to have a coat pattern much like a leopard. Other distinctive markings include mottled looking marks on their genitals and their lips, plus their nose area.

The Appaloosa is also identified by the large eyes which they have, that are enhanced white scleras. If you look closely at the appaloosa’s hooves, you will see that they are striped.

The Size

Another impressive characteristic of the Appaloosa is their size. They can range between about 14.2 hands up to 16 hands. Those who want to own an Appaloosa see this as convenient, as they can find one whose size appeals to them.

Most often, when a person is looking at this breed of horse, they will note that the horse always seems to be alert. This is seen with their ears; almost always pointing up as if they are always listening for something. This breed has an excellent muscular shape which is enhanced with a long neck that leads down to a deep chest.

Some may get the Appaloosa confused with the paint breed, but the characteristics of each of them are quite different.