Learning About the Appaloosa

Welcome to our site that is dedicated to the Appaloosa breed of horses. We have chosen to focus on this particular breed because of their popularity. It is the intention of this site to spur interest in the Appaloosa as they are ones that will bring a great deal of pleasure to anyone that has a desire to own a horse.

Our content will cover some very important aspects of the Appaloosa, and most will find what we have to offer to be very informative and interesting.

The Appaloosa

As an introduction to the breed, we have dedicated a few posts here that revolve around the history of the horse. There is also an interesting post that covers some of the most famous and impressive Appaloosas. For those who are thinking about buying one of these horses, there are some great tips here to help you with your decision.

The Character of the Appaloosa

Every breed of horse is known for its characteristics. Then each horse possesses its own personality. Our posts here will cover some of the topics concerning this. One that is very interesting is the one about the coats and size of the Appaloosa.


Transporting is something that is often required, and owners of Appaloosas want to know how to do this safely. To help with this, we have a few posts here that deal with this important topic. One of the posts focuses on safety tips for transporting. Another post talks about some of the basic training that is needed for the horse for loading and unloading on the trailer.